I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled WIYF Bonus Round - What Shouldve Been Announced @ E3 but Wasnt?

Mega Man. Goddamn. Legends. 3. Capcom, you hate money. That's cool - keep making your boring-ass fighting games and Elder Scrolls wannabes. Go ahead. You were cool once - you're like that childhood friend who used to be into really cool things like games and manga and Pogs, but then fell into drugs and prostitution. But it's not your fault; someone - maybe Sega? - should have bought Mega Man and given it a proper, loving home. Instead, we see Capcom almost break our spirits with a Mega Man FPS that looks like a Micheal Bay Transformers movie.

I also would have liked a Mega Man Legacy Collection, the same treatment that Capcom gave the sub-par Street Fighter series. But noooooo. Stop pissing on my childhood. D:

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