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Today's word is:



adjective ( -cier , -ciest )

1. Elaborate in structure or decoration : the furniture was very fancy | a fancy computerized system.

  • designed to impress : converted fishing boats with fancy new names.
  • (esp. of foodstuffs) of high quality : fancy molasses.
  • (of flowers) of two or more colors.
  • (of an animal) bred to develop particular points of appearance : fancy goldfish.

2. Archaic (of a drawing, painting, or sculpture) created from the imagination rather than from life.


verb ( -cies, -cied) [ trans. ]

1. Feel a desire or liking for : do you fancy a drink?

  • find sexually attractive : he saw a woman he fancied.
  • ( fancy oneself) informal have an unduly high opinion of oneself, or of one's ability in a particular area : he fancied himself an amateur psychologist.


2. [with clause ] imagine; think : he fancied he could smell the perfume of roses.

  • [in imperative ] used to express one's surprise at something : fancy meeting all those television actors!

noun ( pl. -cies)

1. A feeling of liking or attraction, typically one that is superficial or transient : this does not mean that the law should change with every passing fancy.


2. The faculty of imagination : my research assistant is prone to flights of fancy.

  • a thing that one supposes or imagines, typically an unfounded or tentative belief or idea; notion or whim : scientific fads and fancies.

3. (in sixteenth and seventeenth cent. music) a composition for keyboard or strings in free or variation form.


ORIGIN: late Middle English : contraction of fantasy .