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I'm really feeling it!
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Word of the Day: Piquant

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Good evening TAY and welcome to Word of the Day! A journey through the English vocabulary and the words that piqued my interest on a daily basis, in WotD we'll be learning a new word for each working day of the week, bar holidays, unless there's a holiday special...


Today's word is:


|ˈpēkənt; -känt|


  • Having a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavor.
  • Pleasantly stimulating or exciting to the mind.

ORIGIN: early 16th cent. (in the sense [severe, bitter] ): from French, literally 'stinging, pricking,' present participle of piquer.

A word I had a misconception about it thanks to the incorrect use of the word in modern Spanish (although not a mistake made by all Spanish speakers). Originally I thought it was more akin to the word spicy, and although it's an synonym to said word, the meaning of piquant is broader, or at least it can be used in a broader sense.

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