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Word of the Day: Sallow

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Good evening and welcome to Word of the Day! A journey through the English vocabulary and the words that piqued my interest, in WotD we'll be learning a new word for each working day of the week, bar holidays, unless there's a holiday special...


Today's word is:

sallow ¹


adjective ( sallower, sallowest )

  • (of a person's face or complexion) of an unhealthy yellow or pale brown color.

verb [ with obj. ] rare

  • Make sallow.

ORIGIN: Old English salo 'dusky,' of Germanic origin; related to Old Norse sǫlr 'yellow,' from a base meaning 'dirty.'


sallow ²



1. chiefly Brit. A willow tree, esp. one of a low-growing or shrubby kind. Also called pussy willow.

[Genus Salix, family Salicaceae: several species, in particular the great sallow (see goat willow) .]


2. A moth with dull yellow, orange, and brown patterned wings. The larvae of some species feed on sallow catkins.

ORIGIN: Old English salh, of Germanic origin; related to Old Norse selja, and Latin salix 'willow.'

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