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adjective [ predic. ] ( tantamount to)

  • Equivalent in seriousness to; virtually the same as : The resignations were tantamount to an admission of guilt.

ORIGIN: mid 17th cent.: from the earlier verb tantamount [amount to as much,] from Italian tanto montare.


All of these adjectives describe something that is not significantly different from something else.


Same may imply, and selfsame always implies, that what is referred to is one thing and not two or more distinct things (: they go to the same restaurant every Friday night; this is the selfsame house in which the family once lived).

In one sense, identical is synonymous with selfsame (: the identical place where we first met); but it can also imply exact correspondence in quality, shape, and appearance (: wearing identical raincoats).


Equivalent describes things that are interchangeable or that amount to the same thing in value, force, or significance (: the equivalent of a free hotel room at a luxury resort), while equal implies exact correspondence in quantity, value, or size (: equal portions of food).

Tantamount is used to describe one of a pair of things, usually intangible, that are in effect equivalent to each other (: her tears were tantamount to a confession of guilt).