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Word of the Day: Trolley

Good evening and welcome to Word of the Day! A journey through the English vocabulary and the words that piqued my interest, in WotD we'll be learning a new word for each working day of the week, except holidays, unless there's a holiday special...

Today's word is:



noun ( pl. trolleys )

1. short for trolley car or trolley bus.

2. (also trolley wheel )a wheel attached to a pole, used for collecting current from an overhead electric wire to drive a streetcar or trolley bus.


3. [chiefly Brit.] a large metal basket or frame on wheels, used for transporting heavy or large items, such as supermarket purchases or luggage at an airport or railroad station.

  • [Brit.] a small table on wheels or casters, typically used to convey food and drink.

ORIGIN: early 19th cent.: of dialect origin, perhaps from troll2.

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