I'm really feeling it!

Since there's no football today :( I guess I'll pester you guys with news and maybe some stats! YAY!! Best day ever!!!

First... it's the Luis Suarez debacle, from sponsors dropping him to Chiellini (the bite victim) saying the charges were excessive, maybe FIFA should have consulted with Chiellini first. But how will Uruguay cope with the loss of their star striker? Well... remember when I said never field geriatric bound Diego Forlan as the main man of your team? Well, apparently Oscar Tabarez is going back to that phase... hopefully it is just rumours.


World Cup by the numbers! Yay more stats (and an analysis not written by yours truly). Who was the team who committed more faults? Hint: Not Honduras.

Also according to the stats, who was the best team during the Group Stage!

Heartbreaking news of the day! Starring Arin Hanson lookalike, Georgios Samaras! The Greek striker who won the penalty kick to seal the victory for his team, and then tried to refuse to take the kick. Georgio "Samy" Samaras organized to bring his favorite Celtic FC fan, Jay Beattie, to the World Cup Knockout match between Greece and Costa Rica, sadly Jay had to decline his offer...

I'm feeling lazy today, maybe it was the over exposure to the sun =/ I look like a fricking tomato, I'll let this guys do the preview for tomorrow's matches ^^ then I'll write my own preview tomorrow morning :)

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