I'm really feeling it!

Matches for today:

  • 12:00 PM EST: Argentina vs Belgium @ Estádio Nacional de Brasilia, Brasília.

I want an upset! So I'm tipping my hat over to Belgium, even though I know Messi will win it for Argentina one minute before the match ends.


My Prediction:

Argentina 1 - 2 Belgium AET

  • 4:00 PM EST: Netherlands vs Costa Rica @ Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador.

As much as I want Costa Rica to win this match, I know Netherlands are the favorites for this match. The Oranje will show once again their tactical nous when their situation is dire.

My Prediction:

Netherlands 2 - 0 Costa Rica

To make things a bit more interesting... a point will be awarded to those who get the results right and two extra points for each correct scoreline. Feeling lucky? Then make a bold prediction and win an extra point for each one you get right, like The Pope plays for Argentina and recreates the Hand of God or Robben getting a score of 10/10 for his diving antics.

So TAY what are your predictions for today's matches?

I took the liberty to create a spreadsheet to make it easier to keep track of our records... anyway, if you want to access it, just click here.


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