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Day 6 is over... and with almost a week gone of the World Cup, it's time for some juicy stats ^^


In 17 matches we've had 50 goals in the tournament, over a third of the total of the South Africa 2010 World Cup. Regarding disciplinary records, there's been 50 Yellow cards and 3 Red Cards, and we all know one of the red cards was given to a stupid, blunt, vacuous, obtuse, etc. player ^^ Attendance records have been not-so-great, blame the organization, strikes and transportation system of the tournament, as over 10% of the seats have not been used.

Moving on to the individual stats, Thomas Muller of Germany is the player with most goals (3 goals) after the first round of matches. In passing accuracy both Italian central midfielders, Andrea Pirlo and Danielle de Rossi, hold the the highest percentage of player with over a 100 attempts, 93% and 95% respectively. Best goalkeeper, should be a no-brainer, after last night's display, Guillermo "Memo" Ochoa of Mexico has made 7 out of 7 saves, WOOF indeed! And to think he was released by French Club Ajaccio...

But in football it's not about the stats, but what happens on the pitch, and yesterday, well yesterday Mexico was an example of how a team should play, Brazil on the other hand.......... *inserts sad trombone.sfx*


Belgium had a slow start, their players out of the comfort zone, and even conceded a silly penalty in the first half hour. But fret not as Marouane Fellaini jumped of the bench and did for the Rode Duivels (Red Devils) what he couldn't do for... the other Red Devils he plays with.


To close our sixth day round up, Russia faced S. Korea, it wasn't a thrilling match, and while Russia were the superior team, except their goalkeeper, S. Korea outpaced them in every part of the field.


Now... on Day 7, well the Champions could be heading back home earlier than expected, a win will only suffice for the Spanish team, but the other Roja won't make it easy for them. Spain were shambolic in their opening match and Vicente del Bosque promised he was going to make a couple of changes in the lineup, but refused to change their strategy; on the other hand, Jorge Sampaoli claimed Chile will go all out playing their Suicidal Football and prevent the Spaniards from advancing to the second stage. The other match of Group B, is between the Giant Killers, Netherlands, and an Australian team who showed a brave disposition against Chile in their first match.


Meanwhile in Group A, Croatia, who was caught off guard by the paparazzo when they were skinny dipping at their hotel pool, are facing a disappointing Cameroon, now without their star striker Samuel Eto'o, which may be a positive misfortune, since rumors around the Cameroonian camp claim that the team actually detests their captain.

Matches for today:

  • 12:00 PM EST: Australia vs Netherlands @ Estádio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre.

My Prediction:

Australia 1 - 3 Netherlands

  • 3:00 PM EST: Spain vs Chile @ Estádio Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro.

My prediction:

Spain 2 - 2 Chile

  • 6:00 PM EST: Cameroon vs Croatia @ Arena Amazônia, Manaus.

My prediction:

Cameroon 1 - 2 Croatia

To make things a bit more interesting... a point will be awarded to those who get the results right and two extra points for each correct scoreline. Feeling lucky? Then make a bold prediction and win an extra point for each one you get right, like Chile scoring back to back goals in the first 10 minutes of their match or Australia controlling most of the match against the Oranje, only to lose it in the last minute.

So TAY what are your predictions for today's matches?

I took the liberty to create a spreadsheet (still on the early stages) to make it easier to keep track of our records... anyway, if you want to access it, just click here.

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