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I'm really feeling it!
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World Cup Bookies Club. Halftime Report

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First half of the World Cup is over, so it's time to see how our predictions have fared! Salvie-kun did most of the hard work with the spreadsheet (Thanks!!) here's his report:

I got bored and filled/messed with the spreadsheet. I don't know how to do functions so all the stuff at the bottom was done by hand/mouse.

Here's some stats:

Note: I took only those with at least ten predictions (cause I'm lazy)Most Correct Outcomes

Nach - 18

E1 Salvador - 18

Kuponut - 10

Hyper - 8

Aestevalis - 8

We have a tie for the correct number of outcomes! Our host Nach takes the cake just a bit because he has more predictions than myself, and that's the case with Hyper and Aestevalis as well. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Most Correct Scorelines

Nach - 7

E1 Salvador - 3

Hyper - 3

Aestevalis - 2

Kuponut - 1

Nach once again taking the cake on this one, but by a larger margin. And then a tie! Maybe one of those can secure a solid second place cause Nach probably isn't going to relinquish first so easily.

% of Time Correct (Right/Predictions)

Kuponut - 83.33%

Aestevalis - 80.00%

E1 Salvador - 62.07%

Hyper - 61.54%

Nach - 56.25%

Well Kupo! Nach takes a dive to the bottom of the rankings to be usurped by Kuponut and Aestevalis. Granted they both have taken less predictions than Nach, those percentages are still mighty impressive. Maybe if they play along more it will change?And finally the overall point rankings!

Point Rankings

Nach - 32

E1 Salvador - 24

Hyper - 14

Aestevalis - 12

Kuponut - 12


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