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WrestleTAYnia - Volume 1

So here it is. The first edition of WrestleTAYnia. Do I love the name? No. It might change one day. But for now, it's snappy and it has TAY in it, so it's what we're going with. Just so we all know, there will be full SPOILERS for last night's WrestleMania in this discussion. If you haven't watched it yet, show yourself the door.


So it's been quite the twelve hours. We now exist in a post-Streak timeline. I'd like to think that there's another me who didn't spend the last hour of WrestleMania last night depressed, but such is life. It's not all bad though. We got to see The Rock, Stone Cold, and Hulk Hogan all in the ring at the same time for the first time ever. The Wyatt's had probably my favorite live music entry ever. AJ kept her title. Cesaro is being positioned as the next man. Daniel Bryan is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Sting is allegedly coming to WWE (finally). So a lot of good, mixed in with one soul suckingly bad (odd?) decision.

I'll admit, I'm a massive Taker mark, so this hits close to home. He's the reason that I got into wrestling in the first place, so it kinda kills me that he's effectively irrelevant now. Will he do something on Raw tonight? I can only hope. But I don't want to plug this up too much with the main article, the meat of this is meant to be in the comments.

So talk about wrestling. Is Taker losing truly the worst thing ever, or am I just overly sentimental. Does Bryan winning really mean anything? Does anyone still watch TNA and take it seriously (outside The Wolves that is)? So chime in, and let's get some good rasslin' talk going,

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