That's right ladies and gentlemen, the heavy ammo has returned!

Sure, you can buy a heavy ammo synth whenever you want for 900G, but what a rip-off! It has been months since we've seen Xûr show up with these purple beauties, which are now available for a mere 1 Strange Coin per 5-pack.

It has been a couple weeks since I've logged into Destiny. Kirk's article about long-time players hitting a wall certainly applies to my wife and I, who have sunk a collective 800 hours into Destiny since it launched almost six months ago. That said, we are both waiting for the upcoming "House of Wolves" DLC, so stocking up heavy ammo for cheap isn't a bad idea. Of course, this is assuming that heavy ammo synths actually work as intended when Bungie's 1.1.1 patch hits later this month.

As with most things in the Destiny universe, this welcome surprise comes at a price: your limited inventory and vault space. Ammo synths max out at 20 per stack, so good luck trying to fit them into your tiny little vault!

Even through generosity, Xûr (Bungie) finds a way to troll us all.