I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Midgar Studio returns to Kickstarter with Edge of Eternity: a JRPG for PC and next gen consoles, utilizing an ATB battle system, a Sci-fi fantasy setting, and the reason I'm interested in it is a chance for a soundtrack by the legendary Yasunori Mitsuda, of Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross fame!

  • Active Time Battle combat system
  • Defeat your enemies in strategic fights powered by an ATB inspired by the best J-RPG, mixing real-time and turn-based gameplay.
  • Evolving Weapons
  • Unique weapon progression system based on item leveling and a special crystal enhancement skilltree with mutiple branches. Make crucial choices and get customized weapons for your style.
  • A Fantasy Open World
  • Begin your journey in the surprising lands of planet Heryon. From hidden caverns to grassy plains, from ancient cities to dark spaceships, explore freely a vast gaming playground.
  • Choose Your Destiny in an Exciting Story
  • Live a rich and stirring adventure driven by the choices you make along the branching storyline and many sub-quests.

I'm pretty exited, I absolutely adore his soundtracks and can't wait for another game with an amazing soundtrack from him! I think it's a bit ambitious for what they are, but I hope for the best! It's been a while since we've seen an ATB based game, and I hope they do well. Kinda nervous though, it's a french dev doing a JRPG, it has visual issues to work out, and the involvement of him is only a goal, which the may not reach... anyways, Check out the Kickstarter over on it's page.

Note: edited this after reading the KS page a bit more.

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