I'm really feeling it!

The weekend is here! Time for some gaming plus sleep in somewhat equal parts (opposed to stealing from sleepytime for gaming that happens during the week.) So what are you playing this weekend?

Aside from my daily Dance Central workout and my daily Civ V and Civ IV email games, I'm hoping to get Crysis 2 done and move on to Farcry 3 I just picked up on sale on Steam last week. I'm late to the Crysis 2 party, it came with my system a few years ago, but I'm having a damn fine time with it. It is no Crysis (1), but it is exciting, looks amazing, and it a bucket o' fun. Too bad Crytek can't work out their v-sync bugs and multiple GPU issues though. Anyone play Crysis 3 on PC and know if these problems were addressed?


Here is the Civ IV mod I am playing via email "Rise From Erebus". It is a mod of the mod "Fall From Heaven 2". Fantasy buffs who have Civ IV should check it out. These are my upgraded spiders on the way to fight the vampire civ.

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