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I'm really feeling it!
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Year End Recap Preparation

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The end of the year is fast approaching and I thought it’d be fun to go through all the games we played and highlight the good the bad and the ugly.


For me the ones I can remember playing:

  1. Diablo 3
  2. Uncharted
  3. Catherine
  4. SOMA
  5. EDF 2025
  6. Devil May Cry
  7. Devil May Cry 2
  8. Devil May Cry 3
  9. God of War
  10. Twisted Metal (again)
  11. TERA
  12. DOTA 2
  13. Alice: Madness Returns
  14. inFAMOUS
  15. Elite Beat Agents
  16. Freedom Wars
  17. Final Fantasy X
  18. Resident Evil 6*
  19. The Wolf Among Us*

*Thanks for the help Kidechka

The Good

I love EDF 2025. One of the selling points for me to buy a PS4 over other systems is that EDF 2025 is getting remastered and new content added and then re released as EDF 4.1. I AM EXCITED ABOUT THIS. There’s just an undeniable charm to the game - maybe it’s the absolutely ridiculous dialogue or eye rollingly terrible story or the joy of leveling half a city to kill 25 giant ants, ahem, “insects”.


Alice: Madness Returns is probably in my top 10 of all time list. I just love the atmosphere, the way the story is told, the art style. It all really gelled for me. Yes, it’s not a perfect game. But, that’s the joy of lists, I get to pick which ones I liked.

TERA is a game that I played a long time ago and just recently picked up again. It’s changed a lot, mostly for the better. It helps that I have a few friends that will play it with me consistently. Also that I have money to waste on pretty dresses for my characters...DONT JUDGE ME!


The Bad

That Diablo 3 ending. Jeeze Louise. Spent maybe 25-30 hours on the game for....that? 15 seconds of Diablo burning up, and then 2 minutes of Tyriel climbing steps? I mean, technically it was a resolution, but not a particularly satisfying one - especially by Blizzard standards. That I know Blizzard could have given us something great made this all the worse.


DMC 2. Just seriously. WTF. I mean, I didn’t HATE the game, but it was in no way shape or form a DMC game. For starters they forget everything about the first game. Where’s Trish? Why is Dante here? The story is incomprehensible which would be forgivable (It’s not like any of the DMC games have made much sense) if they’d kept the gameplay intact. However, they seemed to have traded in difficulty for .....cool wall jumping? I don’t know. The graphics were alternatingly amazing - seriously for ps2 era, Dante and Lucia animate fantastically - and abysmal - most of the enemies were forgettable or reskins of earlier enemies that were also forgettable. Also the worst part was the game was EASY. Most of the bosses required you to sit there in place more or less, and just hold down the fire button. As in, there was no way to hit them with your sword.

Catherine’s Difficulty. I’m not saying Catherine is a bad game. I actually enjoyed the heck out of the story and the parts that weren’t climbing blocks. But even on easy this game was brutal. The problem wasn’t that I had to think. Given enough time I could have figured it out, the problem was that the game frequently pitted you against a boss that would insta kill you. That boss meant you had to climb as fast as you could making split decisions about how to pull and push blocks to make stairs. Needless to say I got real tired of, “IT’S NOT TIME TO DIE YET!” I’d still recommend this one though. It’s pretty fun and eventually you realize you’re pretty good at the game somehow and climbing gets a bit less, wtf how is this possible?


The Ugly

I really want to like Freedom Wars but God does it pull a 180 on you after the tutorial. Make no mistake, this is a jRPG disguised as an action game. You’ll spend the majority of your time walking around talking to people over actually using the game’s amazing fighting mechanics.


I’m sorry Trish but you’re very .......not good looking. Yeesh also make sure to turn safe search on if you search Trish DMC.

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The voice acting in Twisted Metal is atrocious. Just...really bad. Calypso sounds like he was in my High School Musical Production of Alice in Wonderland (I WAS THE EXECUTIONER.......).


My Game of The Year

Tie between SOMA and DMC 3.

SOMA is so amazingly tense that I really can’t play it in prolonged sessions. I love being scared and SOMA delivers. YMMV as Kidechka doesn’t seem too phased. But when creepy Robit Joe pops out and you have no weapon and your only option is to hide, or when James Spaderbot in the water angrily shouts at you while you run away....dunno. Just something there that I never found in Amnesia. PS. I haven’t finished SOMA yet, so for the love of Pete no spoilers!


DMC 3 showed me that I actually CAN be good at difficult games. I’m not too old! I’ve still got it. But more than that, it showed me that difficult games can still be fun. Here’s a confession: I hated Demons Souls. I thought it was a terrible game. Playing DMC 3 reinforced that idea. It was difficult while still maintaining that fun factor that was just missing in Demons Souls for me. Also it really made you feel like a total badass at times which is never a bad thing.

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