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TAY Time Chat: Bizarro DreamLand

Yes TAY, I provided today's artwork, well partially... it took me almost two hours to get those eyebrows correctly.

Last night I had one of those weird dreams... I was the protege of a successful Dutch manager, a football manager (football as in the one where you actually kick the ball). In that dream we were invited by some of his fellow friends to a bar to discuss business and whatnot. Afterwards one of his colleagues was a bit over the tipsy-meter, and well he couldn't drive himself to our next destination. I was asked by my mentor to drive instead, (even in my dreams my body refuses to get drunk >.<), I obliged and started to drive around the city...


After driving for a few minutes I realized I was in my hometown, but this wasn't the hometown I left more than half a year ago. No, this was a thriving port city, with lush green landscapes and streets were clean of rubbish and burglars. When I woke up I thought to myself, 'what a weird dream' not because I was the mentee of Louis van Gaal, but the positive image of my hometown... heh!

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