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You Might Recognise The Head In Silent Hills New Teaser

If you managed to catch the TGS Silent Hills teaser a couple of days ago, you probably found it pretty disturbing. If you missed out, please feel free to watch it below. We'll wait for you.

All-in-all it makes for some pretty disturbing viewing. There's a huge monster, there are bugs, it's very dark, and there's a disembodied child's head being cradled by some rather ghastly looking hands. It vomits up bugs. It's actually the video thumbnail too. Lovely.


The video was most likely a project made solely for TGS, using stock screams and sound effects typically found across many other types of media too. It also reuses a character model from one of Konami's other games, too.

It's Chico from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

SWEET JESUS CHICO What happened to you after the crash and the flames and the carnage??


Are you hallucinating? Did you die? Are you real?

Is P.T. an elaborate The Phantom Pain marketing ploy?

Will it explain the headphone jack in his chest?

Probably not. In all probability we're just looking at Konami re-using some assets on the cheap. No-doubt Silent Hills is very much in pre-production stages still, and hey, They have the art assets hanging around, why not have some fun with them?


When Hideo Kojima said he wanted to tackle dark themes however, I was hoping he would stick to the bolting of the Achilles tendon, war crimes, sexual assault and maybe just stick to that. Now he's moving onto child decapitation and paranormal activity. What a guy.

Silent Hills will release never, and this entire article has been a figment of your imagination. I can hear a baby crying.


Look behind you. I said look behind you.

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