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You should watch: Minority Report and Adjustment Bureau

Hi TAY! I’m in the middle of a movie marathon (over a few days) and decided to share a few of the movies I felt were great, in case you missed them. This isn’t a review, just want to share some movies, and I will do a few more over this week! Spoilers will be kept to a minimum, though that means I won’t explain too thoroughly on some plot devices and details.

Adjustment Bureau is a 2011 Drama/Sci-fi movie directed by George Nolfi (Bourne Ultimatum, Ocean Twelve), starring Matt Damon (David Norris) and Emily Blunt (Elise Sellas) as lovers who aren’t meant to be together. He is a candidate for Senate, and she is one of the best dancers in the world. And then there’s the Adjustment Bureau. A team of non-humans who will stop at nothing to carry out THE plan written by a mysterious Chairperson, who is heavily hinted to be God. David and Elise’s love isn’t in the plan, so it’s not gonna work.


Minority Report is a 2002 Sci-fi/Action movie directed by Steven Spielberg (Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones), starring Tom Cruise (John Anderton) as a cop/detective working for Pre-crime, an anti-crime department utilizing three non-human (mutants, actually) ‘Pre-cogs’ who predict future murders, and Pre-crime then uses those visions to stop said crimes.

That being said, I felt/saw a few similarities between these two pretty different movies.

The first similarity between the movies is already pretty obvious. They’re both about this mysterious group which knows about the future, and aims to change the way things might happen. This is a major similarity for me, though both movies use it in a different way. Adjustment Bureau wants the future to happen as predicted, and Minority Report aims to remove the possibility of murder.

And the second big similarity, they’re both adaptations from works written by Phillip K. Dick. For those of you into reading Sci-fi, you’ll know who I’m talking about. Phillip K. Dick was a very prominent Sci-fi author back in the 1960-80s, having written major books like Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and VALIS, which were both very commercially successful. Those who don’t read as much may know him as the inspiration of the amazing 1982 movie Bladerunner, and the 1990 movie Total Recall. Yeah. Both of those were also inspired from his works.


Now back to those two movies, and why you should watch them.

Adjustment Bureau has a more light-hearted tone to it, being a love story and all. Matt Damon managed to pull off an above average act in the movie, though Emily Blunt doesn’t really manage to do the same thing. Her role in the movie was just too meh, and as a heroine, she didn’t manage to make me sympathize with her.


Again, being a drama movie, there are a few chunks of dialogue some may dislike. The explanation about the Adjustment Bureau itself is pretty good and straight-forward, but some of the finer details aren’t too well explained. The doors leading to other places thing is pretty cool, though you’ll spot a few discrepancies as you go along.

Tom Cruise does a pretty good job in this movie, and the action scenes are pretty well thought-out, though again, there has to be some suspension of disbelief. His actions sometimes break out of character, and that’s always annoying since it breaks the immersion.


I personally loved the entire concept of Pre-crime. Reminds me of a certain anime. The actions of some characters don’t seem to fit, especially near the end, but once you get there, it’ll all make sense. The twist near the ending was also a big surprise, reminiscent of the first Mission Impossible.

There are also a few breaks in the tone, with inappropriate joke scenes in between serious and suspenseful scenes. While it wasn’t too jarring, it did feel out of place.


Both movies question the concept of free will, and human emotion affecting possible outcomes, and discuss the morality of knowing the future. These topics are often used, but these movies have managed to portray these questions quite well, in different ways. They’re both worth watching, and if you liked them, you should check out the original stories behind them.

Adjestment Bureau - Adjustment Team


Minority Report


If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

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