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You Spin Me Right Round RPG, Right Round

Grinding levels baby, right round, round, round…

Grinding levels in RPGs is an art. Most of the time, I’m just drawing stick figures and trying to pass it off as a masterpiece. Grinding is just that, a grind. But there are times that I can be inspired to actually put in effort to perfecting my art.


Sickness is the most common cure for the grinding blues. Nothing seems more trerapeutic than pressing X five thousand times when I’m feeling under the weather. This also applies to times I’m sleep deprived. It seems the ability to switch off my brain is good for wanted to actually gain experience. It’s a conundrum.

Even stranger, though, is my love of circles in RPGs. Circles give me the ability to be a grinding artist. (Phrasing.)

What exactly am I talking about?


See those red lines? I walk those. Hundreds of times. I’m using Bravely Default in my picture because I’m playing it right now, but honestly this love of circles (loops if we’re being honest) has been a strange addiction for a long time. I can remember in one of the first Star Ocean


there was a cave I spent hours in, leveling my characters by running a loop through 3 maps. Final Fantasies have also had many a temple, castle, or dungeon with loops, and sometimes even real circles.


See? The oringinal FF. And I know I’ve walked it many times.

I will literally was those circles until I can kill every enemy with one hit or spell. I’ll walk them until grinding actually becomes a grind again. And most of the time I’ll walk them until I’m so overpowered for the next part of the playthrough, it’s almost a joke.


Those are the true times RPGs are fun for me.

So what about you guys? Any strange habits for leveling in RPGs?

(I have literally been writing this post for months. Between Kinja, my computer, my tablet, and KINJA!!!!!!!! it’s been a struggle. Hopefully my next post will be up sooner and this one actually looks ok. And hopefully they fix mobile Kinja, becaue I fear my computer is on it’s last days. Anyway, glad to see you all! I missed you!)

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