Hint: It's an RPG.

Little know fact around TAYlands: Kunio is my all-time favourite video game character. So it is always with bitter-sweet feelings I am to report that the new Kunio-kun game is heading this Spring to Nintendo 3DS eShop... in Japan. This I don't get, we got 3D ninja boobies running rampant in stores all over Europe and digital eShops in America, but there has been very little love show to Kunio's recent 3DS throwbacks in the west. A real shame because like last year's remake, this one looks really nice:

That's lovely! The literately translated "Hot-Blooded Magic Story" should be out in the land of the rising sun in a week or so. Wish someone would pick these games up and translate them for the west.

(ノ> ◇ <)ノ♪ BARF! Any other "Kuniomaniacs" out here, I wonder?