Music can invoke a lot of strong feelings and nostalgia, as well as bring back memories long forgotten. I find myself downloading and researching fantastic gaming soundtracks often, and the amount of quality music never ceases to amaze me.

I've listened to hundreds and hundreds of gaming tracks in my life. Some have special places in my heart because of who I played those games with, while others do simply because of the impact I felt from hearing them for the first time or over and over.


My favorite is bit different. My lovely wife, who suggested I get a Triforce etched on my wedding ring, told me I coud pick one gaming track to play during our wedding ceremony last year. It wasn't hard to narrow it down. Sticking with the Zelda theme I picked an acoustic version of Zelda's Lullaby to play as she walked down the aisle.

There's no video game track to date that can hold a candle to that. Why every time I hear that slow Ocarina of Time tune I get all misty eyed.

What gaming soundtrack holds the most significance for you? Was it because of who you played the game with or simply because of the feelings it gave you?