I'm really feeling it!

I saw this picture on Tumblr and it made me reminisce of my "sprite splicing" days back in middle school. We would take sprites from video games and make comics with our own original characters made by mixing bits and piece of the sprites together. But it also got me thinking, what would you want from your dream Pokémon?

The idea here is to think of an animal or object and create your own Pokémon from it, or make an evolution or pre-evo from an existing species.


What would it's name be?

What would it's typing be?

How big is it?

What type of region would it live in?

Get creative and have fun with it!

For me I love me some Ghost Pokémon so I would definitely make some sort of little ghost to be my buddy.

I think I have two ideas that come to mind right now.

One I've actually seen before, a little lonely ghost like this


But as for something more original, I have the idea of a tiny little Dragon/Ghost pokemon. He'd be a pale purple with light blue markings. He would look similar to those ghost dogs from Kekkaishi but instead of a dog be a little Chinese style dragon. His tail would look like the wisps in the picture below, but also almost look like fire.

Envision if you would a mixture of these two things. How cute!


As for the name I have no clue. It would have to be something clever between it being a ghost a dragon, and chinese, and then a play on words with it's evolutions names and looks as well. This little dragon spirit would be found out around a haunted shrine in a burned down forest. Maybe they burned down the forest with their fiery tails? Maybe they used to live in the forest a long time ago and died when it burned down so their spirits remained? Who knows!

So, what's your dream Pokémon like?

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