I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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EDIT: I posted the wrong link the first time around. I knew it was the wrong link but spaced out on it. What can I say? I can be pretty dumb for a smart girl.


So. A month or so back I told all of you lovely Tayter Tots about Science and Sorcery, the TRPG being developed by my buddy Drake. You guys stepped up and gave him quite a bit of useful feedbacl I will be doing character art for it very soon, and he's still working on the Beta, but we need you guys again. This time it will be an actual test of the game. Here is the Copy Pasta from his blog:

(NOTE: This is a wholesale copy of the blog "A Less Quick But More Fun Experiment", though with some elements changed a bit to accommodate some new functionality I added to the project while readying for a redeployment after the first one expired. This new project shouldn't expire until sometime in March, if at all. I forget, and I don't want to check the source code right now to find out when this thing needed to be on the Internet last week.)

A big thank you goes out to all those who took part in my last experiment. If you still haven't downloaded the Simon test (which I'm likely to just keep monitoring indefinitely, as I need all the data I can get), though I didn't change the app itself, I had to change the link to the following, so as to not confuse it with the next addition I'm putting forth.
Simon: www.dropbox.com/sh/nzwr2qho9si…

The next experiment is the big one. The one I've been teasing all these months, all these years, and the one you've all been waiting for so long that you've probably forgotten about it. This is the test run of the Scisorc tactical RPG. I excised the combat and some of the other less-behaving functionality from this test run, as I haven't gotten combat to function without blowing up yet. I'm probably not going to have that done for a while, but this little bit should be more than enough to test a lot of the between-combat features. And this time... I actually tested it to make sure it works!

Scisorc RPG: www.dropbox.com/s/gyqhga6no6n0…

(Note: Much like with Simon, install this program on a Linux or Mac machine at your own risk. Also, due to the game employing a save feature that hides encrypted files on your computer, only to call them back up later at runtime, anti-virus programs may not take too kindly to it. And again, the publisher isn't going to be verified. Ignore it and install anyway. If you trusted Simon, I should probably have earned your trust as a legitimate developer by now.)


Part I: Experimentation Questions:
1) Did the program install successfully? (Note: You may be asked to install .NET 4.5. This isn't anything bad or malicious. It's just a compiler. The installation might take a while, though.)

2) Once you install the game, try to search your computer for a file called "mastersavearchive".
2a) Were you able to find the file?
2b) If you found it, where was it located (relative to the game's installation folder)?
2b) Were you able to open it? (Warning: opening the file may make it unusable and corrupt your saved games. Editing the file will certainly mess things up.)
2c) If you could open it, was it readable?

3) If the game opened successfully, did the background music play? It might be a little on the soft side.

4) After going through the experimentation tasks below, did each character feel unique? What were some impressions you got from them based on their appearance and behavior?


Part II: Experimentation Tasks: Attempt the following tasks without asking me personally for any direction. If any of these tasks are confusing (except #6), note which ones you had trouble doing. (Hint: Hover your mouse over all the controls, and the hint window should give you an idea of what they do.) Like with Simon, if you can't figure something out, that's an indictment of the intuitiveness of the UI, not of you.

1) As soon as the game opens for the first time, create a new game. (Select "yes" when asked whether or not to create a new save archive. Selecting "no" will return you to the title screen.) Select "Win the War" from the dropdown list as the team name. (Note: Select "Lone Wolf" at your own risk, as the entity you will be given is random, and I didn't have time to remove that functionality.) This will open up a game allowing you to start the game with Voidwalker Angel, Axh'zaan Gr'khyu, Lycanthrope Kurias, and Princess Euryale. (NOTE: The actual entry features the four canonical characters in the Scisorc prose: Lana, Tapp, Angel, and Kurias. The four given here are for the sake of testing a diverse set of characters.)

2) Change the music track playing.

3) Look at the controls under "Help" and see what you can figure out about the gameplay and controls from these instructions. (For now, only the Entity View Diagram is assuredly functional.)

4) Cycle through all the entities available to you immediately from the Infinity Bridge. (Hint: hold Shift to see the quickest controls for switching entities. You can also use the button on the entity's display to switch between different entities.) Of the ways I made available to switch between entities, which do you prefer?

5) Be able to determine the numeric values of the following statistics for each character:
-Might (may be called Melee Combat)
-Aim (may be called Ranged Combat)
-Focus (may be called Magic Combat)
-weapon bonuses to Might
-weapon bonuses to Aim
-weapon bonuses to Focus

6) Switch to a valid entity (if not already viewing one) and determine that entity's hidden Heart statistic. Doing so for the first time should unlock an achievement.

7) Attempt to take away all the items and weapons from all your playable entities. Note which ones will not let you take their equipment away (if any) and why. If there are no impediments to this, skip to the next step.

8) Equip the entities with different combinations of weapons and items, preferably different to those they started with.

9) Click the "FIGHT" button. Notice any changes in the game's display when this happens.

10) Select an entity and examine their Resources. Use the "DESELECT" button to cancel the current selection. You may need to do this to use the keyboard shortcut for scrolling between entities.

11) Have some entities drop their resources so that others can pick them up. Notice how the resources seemingly change when this happens.

12) View the selected entity's resources, specifically their effect when used normally. Afterwards, change the display to view the effect the resources have when used as a sentry.

13) Deploy an entity to any realm. Be able to identify that realm's title and biome (Air / Land / Water). (NOTE: You should never see a biome called "Ether".)

14) Once you have deployed an entity to another realm, retire that entity to the Infinity Bridge.

15) Go to a realm. Take note of how strong the local lycanthropes are, and then retire all the zaangr't garrisons. Redeploy them at another realm. (Advanced: be able to redeploy all the zaangr't in such a way as to at least match the scores of all the lycanthropes at every realm, if possible.)

16) Hold down CTRL and save the game as directed by the prompt that appears. After this, create a new game.

17) Hold down CTRL again and close the game as directed by the prompt. Unless you disabled them, the ending credits should play.


Happy game testing, everyone!

Since TAY is awesome and I love you guys, and I know you guys love great games, I'd really appreciate it if you could step up again and help my friend again. This game is going to turn out great, so I want as many people to experience it as possible.

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