Your Home Town: You’ve just about forgotten the day you stepped off that train into a life of Inadvertent Leadership. Neighbros have come and gone. Friends have visited your larger than life world with its zen garden, and the lonely lighthouse keeping watch over the cliff as it ushers Kappa safe passage to the Island. Your house now looks fit for a king as you sit in front of your fireplace every night wondering when next that horse will make an unannounced visit. Your museum has reached a new level of cultural sophistication and yet there’s still so much left to explore.

There are also so many things to capture what with the plague of locusts that seems to have taken up residence all through your flowers. The trees are turning a slightly weird colour too now that you think on it… Perhaps you are just imaging things but why are all these animals just acting a little more insane? This chill in the air is no ordinary one and it’s cutting deep in your bones. There’s something sinister milling about town and it seems you invited it in…

October’s here and the seasonal change will become visibly apparent in every leaf that turns colour and falls off the trees. As scarves and outerwear come out in the real world, so will the fall fashion sense and landscape be reflected in your life of Animal Crossing. Even though Summer is over, I began noticing a lot more campers pitching tents near the river. Perhaps the animals were just enjoying an Indian Summer but it was that fateful day 3 nights ago when I walked into a hellish space.

On the radio played a song taken straight from a demon's personal collection. It was the embodiment of murder in stereo.


But what was most terrifying was the resident evil camping out. Coco, it was called and it began playing mind games with me.

Buttermilk mazes and swamps of despair. What the hell was this Coco talking about? And why could I not look away? Was it those vacant eyes carved out of living wood? I had seen this before... I think it was Tekken.


I had Nach go in to take a look. His reaction was all that needed to be said of the horrors that awaited in the tent.

And then I did it. The Siren Song challenged me to a game I could not resist. I needed her.


Or perhaps it was that I wanted to hold on to the axe that would be a weapon of my demise. I won that game. And she moved in a few days later...

Today in fact.

But it seems she also brought more evil with her. Lurking among my flowers near the fountain, the garbage can and Retail, I saw him grinning like a loon behind an orange tree. He looked liked a giant orange himself ripe for picking. No...that's not quite right.


Oh hello...ghoulish fiend. ...Jack?!

The Devil has come to take me away! My time has come! Please, Jack! Mercy! I beg of thee! Please do not go Pumpkin Head on me! I only play a wizard as a joke and wear the hat for same! I've not actually been dabbling in the Dark Arts! Oh, uh..."Treat! Treat!"


Oh, I have time to amend for my sins for inviting lesser demons into my abode. But how much time, Jack? And what do I have to do to appease your vengeful, trickster spirit?

"Loyal Subjects"? Okay... well this seems doable. I mean, yes. Of course.

No need to ask me twice, smiley face.

...uuhhhhhh. Okay. I'll do it. I am all about silly. I mean. No, I'm not. I was lost in thought at my task ahead when some key words popped up in conversation.


...wait, what? Halloween is a marketing ploy?! 1031 bells?! You think you're so clever, don't you, you Jackass. Oh. Hm? Nothing. Nothing. I said nothing.

And so donning my new present given to me by Jack after his spooky exit, I went around trying to talk to the neighbros to see if I could give them the heebie jeebies.


I met Chrissy along the way and decided to give her the fright of her life by leading her to Colton's house. I realized I had led her to a certain terror but I needed redemption after all. Halloween was not far off and if I could do Jack's bidding...

I began to take his words even more seriously and willingly got stung by bees to amp up my terrifying appearance.

For a moment as I was standing out there with my less than sugary face and a swollen eye, I thought on Jack's parting words.


...What had I done inviting pure evil into my town?

To what lengths would I go to terrorize my neighbros. What's this? Who I am?! What have I become?


Then it hit me. It was me. I am the Favourite Worst Nightmare.

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