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Your Favourite Worst Nightmare: The "Coveting Thy Neighbour's Ram" Edition

Your home town: the quiet, rural sort of which you were inadvertently made Mayor, invokes feelings of that wonderful, easy-going atmosphere. There are days when you may go to your favourite spot on the beach to fish. Sneaking up on bugs requires ninja stealth, and running from bees is all in a day's work. Life tends to move at a snail's pace, as do you. You know where to find the fortune cookie every morning and look forward to when Re-Tail opens for business. You know all of your neighbours' names, and their catch phrases. Maybe you even have a best friend there in the gutsy neighbour who might call you his Ladybro. There is however, that one animal in particular who is your favourite, worst nightmare of a neighbour. I've peered into the soulless eyes of a demon and its name is Pietro.

Animal Crossing continues to surprise me. Island tours can be challenging while fun, my first thunderstorm occurred yesterday and I caught my first coelacanth. But it is the enigma that is UI 2.0's animal Pietro that has me hypnotized. After running around for a while in the rain over in the town of Despair with UI, Nach and H1, I realized I had not yet seen the Demon Clown that night and decided to go find him. It just so happens that Demon Clowns apparently take shelter from the rain.


Would the rain melt his psychedelic colours into the ground? Thereby burning holes in the earth that would run straight into the fiery depths of hell?

Would it make him shine so bright that we would be engulfed in the glow of pure evil?

I know not but when I stumbled into his house, it was like stepping into a murderous frenzied nightmare.


Cats and mice covered the walls. K.K. Parade blasted from the boombox.

A spin wheel numbered 1 through 9 was in the center of the room: there for you to spin and gamble with your life I can only assume. Whatever number you landed on probably metted out a certain, horrible fate. Imps to take you away in the night at 6? Hell Hounds to tear at your flesh on 7?


Nach kept spinning the wheel. I kept fearing for his life.

Before I realized what was happening, The Demon Clown Pietro ensnared UI and me and set us up on an altar. There are gruesome pictures to follow, so please be warned:

We couldn't move. I vaguely recall hearing demonic chanting in Ram tongue.

We had no idea what we were saying. The words just sort of fell out of our mouths. The ram compelled me to speak.


Nach distracted Pietro long enough for him to lose his grip on me for a micro second. I awoke but to no avail. UI was already far gone under Pietro's spell...


In an attempt at bravery, Nach tried to break the spell. In doing so, he fell victim to Pietro as well.


As I write this, I am still stuck under Pietro's control. He's let me out for a moment to go feast on another and I'm not supposed to be communicating with any of you. I will suffer the consequences should he find out but it is a risk I have to take.


I'm begging you. Send for help!

And bring a train. Trains are apparently Pietro's weakness.

Now hurry! I fear he's coming back and... and..

...All Hail the Pietro.

Is this really the truth though? Or another clever mind trick...?


Alright KoTAYku, I know Pietro cannot be the only crazy animal hiding out in your town. Who else is lurking out there that you absolutely adore or cannot stand? Maybe you don't want to talk about this at all and would prefer to leave me an Arctic Monkeys song instead. I will definitely take one of those in the comments. Thanks!

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