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Your Year With Nintendo Switch

It’s been just over a year since Nintendo released the Switch. Whether you bought it on March 3rd of 2017 or two months ago, here are your thoughts on the company’s latest console.

For our first Theme Week in 2018, I asked the fine folks of TAY to discuss your thoughts and experiences with Nintendo Switch, in celebration of its one year anniversary. Everyone sure had a lot to say! Now that this theme week has officially ended, it’s time to round up all the delightful articles you wrote featuring a multitude of Switch header images.


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Clay Sutter

One of our newest members put forth a bold statement. Why? The portable possibilities that the Switch has realized is a promise fulfilled for the world of video games. Read his declaration and full explanation here:


Our resident psychologist, who is also a millennial, thinks the Switch is a perfect fit for this technological savvy, ever-evolving, fast-pace generation. Plus who doesn’t want to go to Hyrule during lunch? That’s true of any generation. His thoughts here:


John Titor

Switch had a good year. Some of the best new games are now in our libraries. But as John points out, we could really have the ability on the console to play the best old games too. The question is simple: Where’s our Virtual Console, Nintendo?



After a month of playing on the Nintendo Switch, Randomsome can’t help but feel he is the new owner of a Wii U, version 2.0. It’s not a bad thing minus the fact that it “negates the utility of my Wii U”. I hear you on that one, Random:



If you want to play a Nintendo game, you’re going to have to buy a Nintendo console. For many, this meant that with the accessibility to wider gaming libraries of owning current gen PlayStation and Xbox systems or a PC, having a Nintendo console was a secondary purchase. RedStripe argues that Nintendo’s secondary console status is changing thanks to the Switch. Read his full thoughts on the matter:



As a fellow person who struggles with a gaming backlog a mile deep, Rer encapsulates our shared horror with the simple sentiment: Yes, we’re all in trouble. Deep, deep trouble. Thanks, Nintendo.


Sir Hippo

Another of our newest members, Sir Hippo, thinks Nintendo’s release schedule planning is on point. A strong start, and momentum for steadily releasing games, he argues, has attributed to the system’s success in its first year. Check out his article as he details these releases in full:



Here are some thoughts from someone who didn’t much care for the portability of a 2DS but at a month in, really enjoys the Switch. Mario Odyssey has a huge part to play in that but other games, the pricing, and the hardware just makes sense to TGRIP:



What did Wiim’s year with Nintendo Switch look like? It involved playing Breath of the Wild for a solid year and still going! There’s Mario, there’s Puyo Puyo Tetris, there’s a demo for Octopath Traveler and that leads us to what is most exciting: The future.


Narelle Ho Sang (Zarnyx)

Of all the games I played on the Switch—and there have been many excellent ones—Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has been my favorite. Maybe ask me tomorrow if I think Breath of the Wild is better and I’d probably say yeah. But there has been no purer fun that I’ve had than the odd Mario and Rabbids mashup. I did not expect, however, that I’d be thinking about Final Fantasy VII during my playthrough.


As always, thanks to everyone who participated in this theme week, whether you wrote, read, and/or commented. If I missed including your article, please let me know and I’ll add it!


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