On this day 18 years ago, the Nintendo 64 arrived in US shops. Fashionably late to the party in relation to it's sibling rivals Playstation and Saturn it stubbornly retained the previous generation cartridge format and along with it all the good and bad aspects of that medium.

Looking good there, slick.

It also came with 4 player support out of the box. A clever move by Ninty that was clearly betting on upping their franchises from 2 to 4 player total, a move proved most wise in many examples such as the amazing Mario Kart 64.

Some people still believe the Nintendo 64 had very few games.

Although only made up of PAL games, it remains my most complete in the box collection of cartridges I own. I should really get on listing them once and for all, but I somehow keep finding excuses to have that task on hold.


The greatest custom job in console history? END OF LINE!

I have been contributing with 64 word reviews at Nintendo Life's Project 64x64 of games I own. You may want to take a look in case your memory is a bit fuzzy on why the console was (is) such a great system.


What I like most on the system was Nintendo's ability to jump games from the Super Nintendo's well established 2D roots into the third Dimension. Mario 64 jumps (ah!) to mind, but many others became instant legends: Star Fox 64, F-Zero X, Ocarina of Time... and how about those shiny, beautiful waves in Wave Race 64? Or perhaps the silly shooting fun in GodenEye?

Speaking of F-Zero X, it probably remains my overall favourite game on the system (sorry Link!). As such, I can't but set my F-ZERO GO FAST! Volume 2 - Age of N64 free for the next 24 hours. So hurry along and grab it while you can because otherwise it will set you back 2 whole €uros!


Your turn at the gamepad now. What are your favourite Nintendo 64 memories? Tell me all about it on the comments below.

*OMAKE* The more bits, the better.