I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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You're Going To Exist in a Fantasy World - Allocate Your Stats.

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So we're in no universe in particular - imagine it however you like, maybe in the real world, maybe post-apocalypse, maybe in the distant past. It matters not. How you allocate your skill points affects how you operate and what your role in society is, and they reflect what you'd like to be. The skill types are literal - intelligence means extremely clever and knowledgeable, charisma means great social skills and verbal manipulation, and attack means really good at punching things to get your way. As well, magic means literal conjuring of the dark/light arts (in ways that aren't OP, obviously), speed means more agility and fast-footed than raw running speed, and the defences should be obvious. You have 40 points to distribute across 7 categories.


The chart lays out like this:
Magic Defence

How would you assemble yourself?

For myself personally, I'd go with:
Attack - 1
Magic - 8
Defence - 1
Magic Defence - 4
Speed - 8
Intelligence - 10
Charisma - 8

I like to be smart, I like to be a good talker, and I like to get in and out of situations with as little hassle as possible. I'd much rather engage people verbally than physically, and control the scenes from a distance when necessary. But, I'm also extremely prone to being physically assaulted if ever caught off-guard, to make up for my being amazing at other things.

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