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You're Offered the Role as a Gym Leader in the World of Pokemon...

Do you take the job?

We're all in a bit of a Pokemon frenzy thanks in part to the recently released X and Y games so I'm asking you a bunch of questions I've pondered for quite some time.


Let's say that you, as a trainer, completed the gym cycle and took down the Elite Four and Champion. At that point, you turn down an offer to stay on as League Champion and decide to return back to your hometown, and give back to the community as a gym leader.

What happened to the old leader? Heart attack, got stabbed by a Honedge, went crazy and moved into the wilderness, whatever it is... there's a seat open and you're given the opportunity to fill it.

Questions to answer:

  • If you were a gym leader, what type would you represent? Why?
  • Which Pokemon would fight on your behalf? How many of them and why that specific number?
  • Which region and town? What is the name of your badge?
  • What would you call your badge and what TM would you hand out

  • Feel free to add as many details as you like!

    My personal answer:

  • I would represent Psychic types. I've always been fond of the typing as they present this certain otherworldly power that made quite an impression to me as a kid playing the Gen 1 games. Psychic types have an air of wonder and mystery - simply put, their elite status at the time has always stuck with me.

    My team would be :
  • Gardevoire
  • Metagross
  • Umbreon
  • Zoroark
  • Alakazam
  • Gengar (Mega)

I'm not going easy on my challengers, to say the least! I would be the 8th gym leader in the Johto region. I've always scoffed at how easy gym battles can be and I would really go hard in comparison to how we've played against the gym leaders...How many times do we go to a gym and find weak Pokemon, and maybe one or two of them in the party of the leader?


My gym would have low lighting, and Chandelure come to your aid as you defeat the gym's trainers that lead your way to me in a maze.

The badge I'm giving out would be called the "EverGaze Badge". TM for the winner would be Psyshock.


So yeah, what about you guys? Answer away!

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