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Youtube Copyright ID System Goes Insane -- Shuts Down TeamFourStar's Channel

TeamFourStar, creators of famous parody web-series Dragon Ball Z Abridged (or DBZA for short) have had their channel mysteriously deleted as a result of YouTube’s Content-ID system going haywire.

The Content-ID system is made to remove stolen/copyrighted work being posted by the wrong people on YouTube. DBZA is protected under fair use, and has been for the 7 years it has been made.


All of that changed today when the channel was instantly deleted by YouTube’s 3-strike rule which deletes a channel after it receives 3 copyright strikes.

TeamFourStar announced in a twitter post that the channel had received strikes which deleted the channel.

The twitter account also clarified that the copyright claims were in fact NOT made by Funimation, which holds the rights to Dragon Ball Z and in turn are the only people legally allowed to make the copyright claim agains the channel.

This has led to a storm of outcry from the youtube community with the creation of the hashtag #WTFU or “Where’s the free use?”


More info will be available as the story develops.

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