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I'm really feeling it!
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In a recent interview on Korean website Ruliweb, Yuji Horii has hinted something is to be announced soon for Dragon Quest on PlayStation.


As translated by Gemastu via translation by Hachima Kikou:

Did you put in the characters you personally wanted?

Horii: “If we had the time and money for it, we would’ve put every character in. For Dragon Quest Heroes II, I want to add an even greater diversity of characters.”

Aomi: “For the older fans of Dragon Quest III and IV, the younger fans of VII and VIII, and so on, the characters I wanted to put in are different depending on the generation.”

Will the voice actors from Dragon Quest Heroes continue to pitch for future Dragon Quest games?

Horii: “For Dragon Quest Heroes II, of course I want the voice actors to stay the same. And for the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII, Jessica and Yangus are also the same [as their Dragon Quest Heroes voice actors].”

Since Dragon Quest Heroes II is in development, does that mean there will be no further updates for the first game?

Aomi: “Not at the moment. We intend to reflect upon the feedback we receive from the Hangul (Korean) release in our output going forward.”

Regarding PlayStation platforms, it’s been 10 years since the release of Dragon Quest VIII, but are there other Dragon Quest series games [planned for PlayStation]?

Horii: “I can’t say anything right now, but something might be announced before long.”



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