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Zero Time Dilemma's Official Website Opens

The official Japanese website for Zero Time Dilemma, the third game in Spike Chunsoft’s Zero Escape series, opened earlier today. A trailer will also be revealed this Thursday, March 17. The site unveils the setting and the nine participants in this entry’s “Decision Game”, as well as the game’s mastermind, Zero. Oh, and a cute dog.

Zero Time Dilemma takes place in a nuclear bomb shelter in Nevada on December 31, 2028. The nine major characters are divided into three teams of three: Teams C, Q, and D. In order to escape the facility, they must progress through the shelter by unlocking six X Doors via password; however, in exchange for a password, one person out of the group must die.


Whereas the first two games in the series focused on one playable character, Zero Time Dilemma will allow you to switch between Carlos, Q, and Diana, though when and how you can do so hasn’t been detailed.

The site features profiles for the cast. Though they are originally full of spoilers for 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward, I’ve tried to keep spoilers to a minimum.

Team C


Carlos: “I’m fine. I’m not gonna die here.”
Carlos is a passionate firefighter with a strong sense of justice. He cares deeply for his younger sister, who is suffering from terminal illness.

Akane: “We may be in a place abandoned by God.”
Returning from 999, Akane is a fastidious young woman with a surprising dark side. She is a bright researcher who is always concerned with the bigger picture.


Junpei: “Sorry. I’m done trying to act like some kind of hero.”
Also returning from 999, Junpei is a childhood friend of Akane, and he has been looking for her ever since childhood and the events of the first game. After 999, he joined a detective agency in hopes of finding a lead, but he has also started to become hardened and closed off.

Team Q


Q: “If one more person dies...”
Q is a young boy whose head is encased in a mysterious locked helmet to conceal his identity. He is afflicted with amnesia but manages to be kind but naive.

Eric: “Mila is my angel. She’s mine and mine alone!”
Eric is an ice cream shop worker. While normally upbeat and cheerful, he displays a temper under stress. He is in a relationship with Mila.


Mila: “It was the same way with my first partner.”
Mila is noted as a woman with “dubious charm”. She is dating Eric and shows little emotion, though she says this is because she is dull and insensitive.

Team D


Diana: “I didn’t just kill six people...it was six billion.”
Diana is a gentle nurse and pacifist by nature. She joined the experiment on a recommendation from her superior.

Phi: “The two of you have to survive this. I love you...”
Returning from Virtue’s Last Reward, Phi is a mysterious young woman who speaks bluntly but is sharp and intelligent. Along with Sigma, she is a willing participant in the experiment in hopes of undoing severe damage to the world and humanity.


Sigma: “I guess the truth is that...I was lonely.”
Also returning from Virtue’s Last Reward, Sigma is a college student whose life becomes increasingly complicated due to the Nonary Game and time leaping events in Virtue’s Last Reward.



Zero: “Fate is a funny, unreasonable thing. Even a single snail can destroy the entire world.”
Zero is the mastermind of the “Decision Game” this round. Not a Bloodborne character. Hopefully.

Gabu is an old male dog whose size allows him to access every part of the facility. The case around his neck gives the game participants a way to communicate with each other via message. Also my new favorite character.


Spike Chunsoft will be releasing the game for 3DS and Vita this summer. Aksys Games is aiming for a simultaneous English release.

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